Small Blowtorch Hire


 *Long term hire rates must be agreed at the time of hire

1 day 2-7 days Weekend
£10 £15 £10

If you are looking for Small Blowtorch Hire, then contact KSS Hire Services today. Suitable for general plumbing work.

Discover the ultimate solution for simplifying your tasks and enhancing your projects with the Small Blowtorch Hire from KSS Hire. This multifaceted tool is your ticket to a world of possibilities, offering unparalleled versatility and performance across a wide range of applications. From the meticulous torching down of roofs and precise brazing to delicate soft soldering and thorough paint stripping, the Small Blowtorch Hire is your trusted companion for every job.

Feel the surge of confidence coursing through you as you grip the handle, poised to activate the torch’s might. With a quick flick of the ignition switch, witness the flame springing into action, smoothly burning, melting, or warming your materials with absolute finesse. The torch’s elongated wand allows you to navigate with unparalleled ease, effortlessly maneuvering around impediments and hitting precise spots with pinpoint accuracy.

At KSS Hire, we pride ourselves on delivering unmatched convenience and efficiency to our customers. Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to optimize your workflow or a passionate DIY enthusiast eager to take on new challenges, the Small Blowtorch Hire is an essential addition to your arsenal of tools. With our reliable service and top-of-the-line equipment, your tasks will become simpler, your projects more efficient, and your results truly impressive.

Don’t settle for mediocre performance—elevate your projects to new heights with the Small Blowtorch Hire from KSS Hire. Experience the difference today and unlock the full potential of your endeavors.

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* 1-day weekend rate applies if hired after 2 pm Friday and off hired before 10 am Monday.

Small Blowtorch Hire


Small Blowtorch Hire

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